National Center for Combustion Research and Development

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras & Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Dr. Nagarajan R.

Professor Dept of Chemical Engg., IITM


Fine Particle Science & Technology, Chemical Vapor Transport & Deposition, Ultrasonic Cavitation in Liquids


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Short-Term Courses/ Workshops: 
1) Advanced Topics in Contamination Control, tutorial presented at ESTECH-2008 (54th Annual Technical Meeting of the Institute for Environmental Sciences & Technology), Bloomingdale, IL, May 4-7, 2008 
2) Contamination Control in High-Technology Manufacturing, Short Course, Singapore & Kuala Lumpur, May 2007; Bangkok, November 2007; Singapore, April 2008 
3) Application of Taguchi Quality Loss Function Analysis in Industrial Process Optimization, IC & SR Technology Appreciation Program Short Course, July 25, 2006 
Invited Lectures: 
1) Nano-Particle Synthesis by Sono-Fragmentation, National Seminar on Micro and Nanotechnology:Advances and Implications, Minatech-08, SCSVMV University, Enathur, India, March 21-22, 2008 
2) Nano-particle synthesis and processing by sono-technology, Workshop on Nanomaterials Characterization and their Process Applications, NIT Trichy, Feb 28, 2007 
3) Sono-fragmentation and sono-blending: Application in nano-particulate technology, Workshop on Colloids & Materials Chemistry, RRL Bhubaneswar, January 18-19, 2007 
4) Environmental challenges and opportunities, Nagarajan, R., invited talk presented at CHEMVISION 2005, Chennai, India, March 2005


  • Assistant Professor, West Virginia University Morgantown, WV, 1986
  • Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM Corporation, San Jose, CA, 1988
  • G.S. Laddha Chair (Visiting) Professor, A.C. Tech, Anna University Chennai, 2003
  • Professor, IIT Madras, Chennai, 2004


  1. Outstanding Younger Member Award, Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST), April 1990
  2. First Patent Application (New Lubricant for Swaging of Head-Arm Assemblies) Innovation Achievement Award, March 1997; Patent  (# 5,879,578) Issue Award, March 1999
  3. 2007 Maurice Simpson Award from IEST for  paper, "Use of Ultrasonic Cavitation in Surface Cleaning: A Mathematical Model to Relate Cleaning Efficiency and Surface Erosion Rate," published in the 2006 Journal of the IEST."


  • IIT Madras,
  • National Centre for Combustion Research And Development.


  1. Special Funding for Construction of Class 10,000 and Class 100 Clean Room Facilities
  2. Investigation of High-Frequency Ultrasound for De-Stratification of Cryogenic Liquids Stored in Insulated Containers: Phase 
  3. Investigation of High-Frequency Ultrasound for De-Stratification of Cryogenic Liquids Stored in Insulated Containers: Phase 2
  4. Ultrasonic Cleaning Studies
  5. CFD Flow/ Erosion Model of Wear Pattern in Pipelines and Cyclones
  6. Characterization of Contamination Sources in IISU Clanrooms
  7. Fine Particle Applications in High-Precision Manufacturing
  8. Coal Particle Size Reduction with Minimized Fines Generation
  9. Fly-Ash Impact Erosion of Boiler Tube-Banks
  10. Ultrasonic Enhancement of Heat-Transfer in Furnace Heaters
  11. Ultrasonic Coal Wash
  12. Separation of Rice Bran & Husk in an Air Classifier
  13. CVD of SiO2 from OMCTS
  14. Enhancement of Atomization in Effervescent Atomizers Using Ultrasonics